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The Hack FAQ

October 15, 2010

I’m going to let someone else do the work this Friday, and merely point you to an excellent resource that I enjoyed reading when I was first starting out in stand up comedy.  It’s called the “Hack FAQ,” and it’s written by Steve Rosenthall.  If you’re not sure what “hack” means, check out the PPT glossary first.

Before I send you off, I wanted to say a quick word on the concept of “hack.”  I believe that no topic can ever be truly hack.  There is always some new angle or fresh spin to add new life to the most ancient premises.  However, it is important, especially early on, to understand that the power to explore “hack traps” and emerge unscathed with a useful bit is earned through experience.  Only a comic who has already found their unique voice can pull out a win instead of a groan using a tired premise.

As an aside, I’d like to add that I neither endorse, nor agree with everything the author writes in this FAQ, I’m just passing it along.  Without further ado – The Hack FAQ

I would love to see if anyone had pet peeve hack topics to add in the comment section.  I’ll get the ball rolling: jokes about how someone took you to task for using the word “gay” and you were offended because it also means happy.  Impressions of Christopher Walken.


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