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Resource: Third Beat Blog

February 18, 2011

Happy Friday, you rapscallions.

Lazy-ass cats don’t GET to say TGIF, unless they’re a mouser.  And even then, you just catch mice.  Get over yourself, cat!

I am pumped today because:

1) It’s warm(er) outside.  There has been a corresponding rise in dead-beet activity at the 24-hour deli/drug den near my apartment, but a fair exchange by anyone’s standards.

2) I’m getting to my favourite part in Huckleberry Finn (hence the use of the word rapscallion above).  As I’ve been re-reading this classic, careful to replace the N-Word in my mind with “slave,” as my overlords have instructed, I’ve also been posting wicked ridiculous quotes on my Twitter feed, including:

“Do you like to comb up, Sundays, and all that kind of foolishness?”

By the way, it’s funny that the censored edition also changed “Injun” to “Indian,” which is still an out-dated, somewhat racist term.  (When European explorers encountered natives in the New World, they thought inaccurately that they had reached India, and went with the most obvious name).

As a final note, for those of you in love with financial opportunism disguised as wry satire, you can get a copy of a censored Huck Finn which replaces the N-Word with “hipster.”  Which is a pretty damn hipster thing to publish, if you ask me.  In fact, a hipster making fun of hipsters just might create a black hole of irony that even a Ukelele playing, Parkdale boutique browsing, scarf-loving, Bloor Cinema regular cannot fathom.

Or you can just borrow my copy, which has a bunch of dope essays at the back and pictures.

3) I’m on Gong the Show tonight, which is always wacky.

4) I have a great resource to share: a l’il blog called Third Beat, which is edited by Sharilyn Johnson.  There are lots of interesting articles to look at, but one of the most useful things I appreciated is that they keep track of what stand-up comics will be performing on what late night shows each week.   Thanks Sharilyn!

That’s about it.  Have a good weekend, and remember to hook some merriment on the sly.

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