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All Apologies

March 28, 2011

Straight up, I blew it for this week’s theory article.  The thing is half-written, and to be honest I could have probably put it up, but it’s a meaty topic and I didn’t want to half-ass it.  I know with the switch to bi-monthly theory articles I’ve really got no excuse to get off schedule. 

That being said, it’s been a massive gear shift in workload this past month as I adapt to having some pretty demanding sketch-writing deadlines, the regular stand-up regime,  and some developments in the freelance writing hunt.  I am getting my bearings and figuring things out, thanks for being patient and for all the support.

I know that setting a schedule and not sticking to it sucks, and I’m trying not to be that person.  Expect a theory article next Monday fo sho.  And to make up for this week’s screw-up, I’ll try to put up a few things this week, just odds and ends. 

If you’re around on Tuesday I’m hosting a comedy night at the Crown and Tiger Bar in Toronto (College and Bathurst), the show starts at 8pm with an open mike afterward.  The line up is hot, check out the Facebook event for more details: “J Buckles Presents: Chuckle City 2: Chuckle for Mayor.” 

Also this coming Sunday Todd Glass is coming to host Sunday Night Live at Comedy Bar.  Tickets WILL sell out, because he’s amazing.  Can’t wait to work with him. 

ALSO.  This song is bouncing around inside my noggin and I want to infect you.

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