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Friday is Sketch Day – Fink Club

May 27, 2011

TGIF, right?

I know the point of these graphics is to be cheesy,

but I’ve reached a new level with this animated .gif

Today’s sketch is a bit of a silly one that I wrote after collaborating with Sketcherson alumni Cole Osborne, who taught me a ton about tight writing and scene structure.  I tried to cement some of those lessons in my mind with this sketch called “Fink Club.”

What I Learned: Not everyone knows what a “fink” is (it’s a rotten scoundrel).

Fun Fact: The seed idea for this one occurred when I was cleaning out some of my junk from my folks’ basement.  I came across a whoopee cushion and a boot knife, and thought, “This is exactly what you’d find in a fink’s parent’s basement.  I truly am Lord of the Finks.”

Favourite Moment: Most of my character’s slang, such as “Bronx cheer” and “Pooooop!” where taken directly from the writing on the side of the whoopee cushion.

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