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Friday is Sketch Day – Mommmm

July 15, 2011

Today’s sketch is one I wrote for Dale Boyer when she was hosting the show.  I have a lot of trouble writing grounded scenes, you may have noticed, I like things to be hyper silly.  Dale’s work on Second City mainstage means that she is very good at the kind of real, grounded scenes Second City is famous for.  I didn’t want to waste that, so I wrote this one about a kid living in his mom’s basement.  It’s a bit of a cliche premise, but I tried to throw in some curve balls for sure.

What I Learned: Alex Tindal can say “Mommmmm” in so many different ways.

Fun Fact: It doesn’t come through in the video, but the reason why everyone is laughing so hard at the end when Alex is watching cartoons is because we were thumping on the wall to make it sound like a bed being knocked around upstairs.

Favourite Moment: Dale coming in and saying “I am knee-deep in watermelon right now!”

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